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A normal installation requires a “Standard” or longer offset wall mount being mounted on an external wall. If a flat roof is used a Non Penetrating Roof Mount(NPR) is used. Satellite Cable is used to connect the Satellite Dish to the supplied Tooway or SES modem, which is mains powered and installed in the Communications Room if available in the case of a business installation, or in a room where the existing router is installed.  The maximum length of the satellite cable is dependent  on the type of installation. It is normally necessary to drill an access hole to facilitate cable routing. The modem can be connected to an existing router up to a distance of 100 meters using standard network cabling.


The modem is configured during the installation with the information required for the specific account and location. Using a tone generated at the TRIA (Transmitter/Receiver) the dish is aligned to the Satellite and when the maximum signal is achieved the Satellite Dish is locked off. Following quality testing and verification the installation is completed and the Satellite Broadband is available for use. If additional cabling work or router installation and configuration is required this will be considered as outside the scope of a “Normal Installation”. Some installations which involve more complicated dish mounting and cabling also fall outside of a “Normal Installation” and additional installation charges may apply.

Item Cost
Normal Installation £150.00
Standard Wall Mount £25.00
Non Penetrating Roof Mount £110.00
Addition installation and configuration time £45.00 per hour


  1. Delivery charges may apply
  2. Standard Paving Slabs required to weigh down mount not included
  3. Estimated time required will be given with a minimum of 1 hour charged
  4. Prices above are NET of VAT

Each installation is unique and although the information supplied is accurate each install can have specific requirements that need to be met and we are happy to carry out a site survey visit at no charge subject to our normal travel charging for customer locations outside the local area.


The Hardware is normally ordered on signed order and the customer account set up a few days prior to the agreed installation date. When the modem is configured during installation the activation starts the monthly data period and date of renewal. is a trading name of TWS Computer Services Ltd.

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