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Why Satellite Broadband?

If you live or run a business in an area that cannot have Fibre or Cable Broadband installed you will know how frustrating it can be, not being able to run streaming services that those with high speed connections can run.  Now that technology has evolved to the point that Satellite Broadband is Fast, Reliable and Affordable we can install your choice of Tooway or SES Satellite Broadband for your home or business.


Download speeds of up to 20 Mbs with SES or 22 Mbs with Tooway

Tariff pricing starting from only £9.99 per month

Low priced connection fee from only £29.99

No fixed phone line required just a satellite dish


We have installed Satellite Broadband for customers who already have slow Fixed Line Broadband but need to have "Failover" in the event of interruption in service of the existing broadband. With a Dual WAN Router that we can supply and install we can ensure not only can you download and upload large files faster but if the inevitable happens and the fixed line broadband fails, as long as you have power your internet access will continue using the Satellite Broadband.


Why use

There are a number of Satellite TV shops offering installation of Satellite Broadband.  What they can do is install the system for you and a small number offer additional cabling and other services.  At we can install and configure not just the Satellite Broadband but a router for home users to have additional wired devices and also wireless network devices and Ethernet Over Mains or other networking technologies to expand the home network. If yours is a business you may need a business class router configured to allow remote working, CCTV  Security Cameras or other networked devices.  As we're part of TWS Computer Services Ltd. we can do much more than just install Satellite Broadband.  We can install and support the complete network and:


  1. Advise on the best network and tariff to suit your requirements
  2. Supply, install and support the satellite broadband service
  3. All of our staff are certified to the latest standards to comply with "Work at Height Regulations 2005"
  4. Supply and configure a suitable router with wireless and wired networking
  5. Design and configure the network you need to support the devices and services you use
  6. Provide additional services such as IP Security Cameras, Hosted Exchange and Hosted VoIP


Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements


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